Each year, the National Association for Rural Mental Health hosts a one-of-a-kind conference focusing on rural and frontier mental health practice, social services, research, and public policy issues. The NARMH Annual conference brings together rural clinicians, administrators, consumers, researchers, and policy-makers. Participants’ learn about national issues and trends; develop new knowledge and skills; hear perspectives from rural consumers and advocates; and are provided with updates on the latest in research, practice and policy; socialize and HAVE FUN!

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Vision Statement

The National Association for Rural Mental Health seeks to promote the linkage of the diverse voices of rural mental health, through its activities as a membership organization. As a national organization, NARMH provides a forum for rural mental health professionals, advocates, and consumers to identify issues and problems, share innovative solutions and model programs, and speak with a shared voice on issues of rural mental health concern.

As an organization with a historical heritage of education, NARMH’s sponsorship of an annual conference, regional workshops, and publication of written information is focused upon increasing the body of knowledge related to rural mental health. NARMH’s educational efforts will continue to link the myriad of rural issues and experience into a connected fabric of understanding.

NARMH shall provide a common voice for rural mental health within national and state public policy arenas. Through the information sharing with other organizations, government agencies, federal and state leaders, and others, NARMH will seek to ensure rural America is taken into account in the formation of private and public mental healthcare policy.

Mission Statement

"Linking Voices to Promote Rural Mental Health."

NARMH carries out this mission through electronic and print communication, an annual national conference, participation in national policy making, and special projects.


Over the years NARMH members have developed a variety of awards to recognize and honor individuals and groups committed to rural behavioral health care, policy, and advocacy.


Rosalynn Carter - 1979

Dorethea Dolan - 1980

Maurice Miller - 1981

Judith Davenport - 1982

David S. Hargrove - 1983

Leona Bachrach - 1984

William G. Hollister - 1985

Milton Mazer - 1986

Roger Williams - 1987

J. Wilbert Edgerton – 1988

Peter Keller – 1989

Douglas Graham - 1990

Bill and Judy Heffernan - 1991

Peter G. Beeson - 1992

Dennis Murray - 1993

Morton Wagenfeld - 1994

Chuck Windle - 1995

Dennis Mohatt - 1996

Paul Sundet and Joanne Mermelstein - 1997

Roger Hannan - 1998

Rand Conger - 1999

Mary Van Hook – 2000

Sheila Cooper – 2001

Michael Rosmann – 2002

Art McDonald – 2003

Gerald Mohatt – 2004

Pablo Hernandez – 2005

Nancy Speck – 2006

Charlie Griffin – 2007

Roger Strauss – 2008

David Lambert – 2009

John Morris - 2010

Marcene Moran - 2011

Karen Perdue - 2012

Joe Lovelace - 2013

Patrick Kennedy - 2015

Ron Manderscheid - 2016


Dr. Ronald Manderscheid – 1996

Tipper Gore – 1997

Harriet McCombs – 1999

Farm Foundation – 2000

Senator Tom Domenici - 2002

Dr. Anthony Pollitt – 2003

Senator Tom Daschle – 2004

Senator Gordon Smith – 2005

Carol Miller – 2006

Senator Tom Harkin – 2007

Representative Patrick Kennedy – 2008

Diane Denish – 2009

Jeannie Ritter – 2010

Dr. Mary Wakefield – 2011

Jeff Jessee – 2012

Representative John Davis - 2013

Dr. Mary Wakefield - 2014

Suzanne Chun Oakland - 2015

Henry “Skip” Gates & Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack - 2016


Peter Beeson, Lincoln, Nebraska - 2007

Barbara Martin, Montpelier, Vermont - 2008

Douglas Fraser, Albuquerque, New Mexico - 2009

John Fiedler, Denver, Colorado - 2010

David Rhodes, Dubuque, Iowa - 2011

Two Spirits Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska - 2012

Cristopher “Critter” Fuqua (Old Crow Medicine Show) - 2014

Thomas Vendetti - 2015


Russel Hunt - 2012

Edna Gonzales-Anzaldua - 2014

Lillian “Leo” Asuncion - 2015